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Five Questions – a Response

Posted in questions by benjaminplee on 03.01.09

This could have been a comment on the previous post, but I figured my first response should be in post form.

My responses to Nate’s 5 questions:

1.  Right now I am trying to fix up a few last things on my goofy Book Worm cheating application – booklouse – to finish version 1.0.  I have a ton more ideas for it and still want to sit down with it and see how high I can go … but for right now I want to finish up the core functionality and move on to some other stuff for a while.  Also, I have several additions/ideas for Selenium RC and/or Grid which I would love to sit down and code through.  I think they could solve some real problems I have had writing and running tests.

2.  I too am currently learning Haskell, but am not nearly as far along as you are.  My goal for next week is to work through a few more chapters in the Real World Haskell book and try my hand at a few small programs.  Along with Haskell I will be playing around with integrating Selenium tests written in TestNG into a Maven based project built and run via Continuum.  I have some experience with all of those things, but never all at the same time.  Should be interesting.

3.  When not at my computer, I am usually spending my time with my wife watching tv, enjoying a nice dinner out or letter her beat me at board game. ;-)  I am also trying to break into hard mode in Rock Band 2 still along with trying to get back into shape.  Oh, and working on my house.  My list of small and large projects grows exponentially faster than I have time to do them. Ahh, the joys of home ownership.

4.  Ever since my undergraduate research days in college and a course I took in Genetic Algorithms / Evolutionary Computation I have yearned to do a larger project where my software learned to do things.  My most obvious outlet to date for this is my mediocre attempts are writing software to play games for me better than I can play them myself.  I also have interest in working with image processing, data mashups, and automation.

5.  Hopefully a handful of smaller posts relaying my thoughts on Haskell and any progress/problems I come across as I try to integrate the above technologies into something usable for my client.


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  1. Amos King said, on 03.02.09 at 2:39 am

    We should have an AI competition. How about chess?

    • benjaminplee said, on 03.02.09 at 3:56 pm

      I would totally be for it and chess or any other game works for me. Simple board games make for nice simple AI competitions since the rules are usually simple but the choices large. In college we did a great one w/ Connect 4 for our AI class.

      For simplicity, as long as anyone’s entry had person+AI interface w/ either player going first, the designers can manually play their AI’s against each other.

      Only rule you might need is a time limit for producing a move (e.g. <= 1 min) otherwise everyone ends up spending forever looking for a “perfect move”.

  2. […] Relaxing with the wife, and trying to get back in shape (same as last time).  Hopefully joining up with the new year’s company weight loss competition will give me […]

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