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TECHnc Cleveland 2009 and Ignite

Posted in Uncategorized by benjaminplee on 05.25.09

A great friend of mine is helping coordinate a rather cool event coming up in June in the Cleveland area.  TECHnic as he is calling it is going to be a big summer picnic bringing together anyone who has an interest in technology (namely the members of several Cleveland area technical user groups) for a day of music, food, and nerd talk.  If you are interested, you can find more info here.

A few other friends have mentioned going Ignite events in their home cities.  The basic premise is that a group of people present 5 minute presentations where they have only 20 slides which automatically switch every 15 seconds.  From what I can tell, they end up with some pretty interesting talks.

I would love to attend/help put together an event like either of these in the St. Louis area but with my current travel schedule I don’t know if I could.  Maybe in a couple of months.


Leading by Bleeding

Posted in questions by benjaminplee on 05.25.09

Tonight Chad Fowler posted on twitter an interesting comment and link to a blog post by David Copeland and his take on his knowledge of technologies; from the bleeding edge to those “on the way out”.  His post was inspired by an exercise in Chad’s new book, The Passionate Programmer, which is on my list of books to read in the very near future.

My initial reaction was three fold:

  • Annoyance that I couldn’t mark more of them in yellor or green.
  • Happiness that I had at least heard of or had some very basic knowledge in almost all of them.
  • Curiosity on how he had picked his list, why he had not included some others, and why he had placed some where he had.

I intend to fill out a similar personal survey tomorrow which I will post … but until then I leave this question to anyone who reads this:  What would yours look like, and what things would you remove/add/move if you were doing it?

Obviously any such list could contain any number of items depending on your background and scope (what do we include?  languages?  ideas?  patterns?) but a few that I thought were missing off of the top of my head were:

  • Silverlight
  • Adobe AIR / Flash
  • JavaFX
  • RCP applications
  • SOA
  • Web services
  • Haskel
  • Ruby
  • Functional programming
  • Agile development practices (Lean/XP/Scrum)
  • Hibernate or other ORMs (e.g. ActiveRecord, iBatis, etc)
  • UAT libraries / tools (e.g. Selenium, WebDriver, WebRat, Wati[R|J|N])

It really is hard to know where to stop.  Quickly it feels like a corporate skills inventory list that eveyone updates when they are hired and then never again.  We will see what the guys at work can come up with tomorrow and then see what my personal sheet looks like.  If you do one of your own, can think of something thats missing or just have a thought … please leave a comment.

At the very least, it was a very thought provoking post.