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Leading by Bleeding – my tech map

Posted in questions by benjaminplee on 05.26.09

Below is my take on a tech map (see previous post).  I had a hard time knowing where to draw the line (languages? librarys? tools?  processes and ideas?) and how to sort them.  I decided on three main areas.  “Bleeding Edge” are things that are popping up in Google Reader lately and/or things that seem to be gathering some traction are sound interesting.  “Working” are the main things going on day to day.  “On the way out’ aren’t things I think are going to be gone in a year or two , but things that seem to be less new and interesting news surrounding them.  Right or wrong its my take and I am a bit sad by the lack of knowledge in the bleeding edge area.  I am going to have to work on that.

Ben's Tech Map

Ben's Tech Map

Hopefully the words are legible in the image.  What do you think?


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