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Maven! Leeggo My Eggo (tests)

Posted in Uncategorized by benjaminplee on 07.23.09

Warning: venting of frustration has commenced.

I ran into a huge problem today.  While trying to find a temporary workarond, I found a much more confusing problem.

While setting up another team’s project in Maven/Continuum, I found that they had a package of Java code which wouldn’t compile (some external API had changed).  This is not good at all b/c A) their code doesn’t work right now and B) it is committed that way to SVN.  For the time being, the idea crossed my mind to modify their pom.xml so that Maven just wouldn’t compile/test the offending package which would at least keep things moving from an infrastructure setup point of view.

A couple quick tries, a few google searches, a few more tries, and a lot of confusion later and I still can’t get Maven’s compiler plugin to ignore any or all of my tests.  Despite what looks to be an exact example of what I want on the plugin’s site here, and a mailing list post here, I doesn’t work.

Modifying the plugin’s main configuration only works to exclude classes from the main source folder.  This is also true if you move the configuration to the “default-compile” execution.  BUT, if you move it to the “default-testCompile” execution, nothing happens.  Ignored.  If I change the configuration to force the tests to be output in Java 1.4 code, it errors b/c they contain annotatoins (what you would expect) but the <excludes> is ignored like it was never there.


^^^ Doesn’t work
Very strange and annoying.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please let me know.  If I ever figure out definitely what is going on, I will post what I find here.

At least I am not alone.


Traveling closer to home

Posted in lambdalounge by benjaminplee on 07.22.09

My current project has had me traveling back and forth to CA every other week since sometime in February.  I feel a little sad that the poject is nearing its end, but will be happy to sleep in my own bed a bit more.

Without the constant shuffle back and forth to the coast, I will be able to attend a few tech events in good old St. Louis for a change.  Along with trying to make it to a few of the monthly Lambda Lounge, Gateway JUG and St. Louis JUG meetings, there are two interesting events coming up.

St. Louis Google Wave Hackfest is going down August 25th and should be an interesting time seeing what we can come up with in one evening.

The Strange Loop is going to be an interesting day and a half in October.  Alex Miller is putting together a small tech conference here in town at the Tivoli Theater with a focus on practical everyday things as well as cutting edge tech.  As one of the first few brave souls to sign up, I am eagerly awaiting the talk schedule to be released.

Anything else I should know about in town or near by?

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Palm Pre SDK BSOD … Fixed!

Posted in Uncategorized by benjaminplee on 07.16.09

Today I downloaded the Palm Pre SDK (not the leaked version but the real one so far as I could tell) and was all set to try my hand at webOS …. when I restarted my machine to find that I could no longer login to Windows XP. As the logon process started, the screen would flicker and BSOD w/ the following error:

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Failure}
The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000139

Luckily a coworker burned me a KNOPPIX linux live CD and while sitting in my hotel room and bugging Mr Youngng for linux help I was able to find that several other people had ran into the same issue with the Palm Pre SDK and other software issues. The common culprit seemed to be a mixture of logon based .dll’s. Luckily I was able to copy msvcrt.dll from another installation to my broken one and was able to login once again.

** The one I found in the broken installation was last modified in 2000 (opposed to 2004 for the one that “worked”) and 1/3 smaller **

Hopefully this information will help some other poor fool as foolish as I.

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