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Notes to self: Basic CVS Command Line

Posted in notes_to_self by benjaminplee on 01.19.10


Please remember next time…

To create a new module in a given repo:




cvs import PROJECT INITIAL start

rm -rf PROJECT

cvs checkout PROJECT

And to add files recursively from a folder:

find . -type d -print | grep -v CVS | xargs cvs add

find . -type f -print | grep -v CVS | xargs cvs add

cvs commit -m “MESSAGE”

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  1. Rob said, on 01.23.10 at 11:36 pm

    CVS? While you’re at it, can you look for my He-Man lunchbox? I think I left that in 1987, too.

    There’s no reason not to use Subversion if you use CVS. There’s no reason not to use SVK if you use Subversion.

    Personally, I would use Git (or Mercurial or Bazaar) as I prefer a distributed model, but if you need a centralized model, go for it.

    CVS … next you’ll be posting suggestions on how to improve SCCS, right?

    • benjaminplee said, on 01.23.10 at 11:47 pm

      Good thing the post was just a “note to self” reminding me in case I ever need to do that again.

      Our company has almost completely transititioned to Git from SVN and I use Git exclusively for my personal projects. But … when your client manages all of their code in their corporate CVS repos and they are paying for the source code …. *eventually* you need to push into CVS. And it is good to remember how.

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