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The revenge of the 5 questions

Posted in questions by benjaminplee on 02.04.10

Ever since CodeMash my brain has been a buzz of activity, but I haven’t had time to really dive into anything too substantial.  I have a number of posts/ideas in the works but nothing to show for it.  But, if large corporate cultures have tought us nothing, it is to write status reports about work are often more important than the work itself.

In lieu of a “new year” post that I never ended up writing, I am going to revisit one of this blog’s first posts: 5 questions. To revisit the questions:

  1. What are you currently hacking on?
  2. What are you currently getting better at?
  3. What do you do when your computer is asleep?
  4. Describe that ‘big fish’ project that’s been stewing in your brain.
  5. What are you gonna post about this coming week?

1.) Clojure, JSON, and misc little coding challenges.  Instead of writing a list of goals for the year I am taking a bit more “agile” approach and just spent 2 minutes writing down anything and everything I could think of that I “wanted to know more about”.  JSON and functional programming bubbled up to the top of a quick random sorting, so the fact that my current side project w/ Mr. Zac Duncan involves both is very convenient.

2.) TDD.  Nate’s recent TDD Rock Paper Scissors challenge and very interesting talks with the guys at CodeMash left me questioning why I work the way I do, how I might do things better, and how I can effectively communicate that to another developer.  I haven’t gotten very far with it yet, but it is definitely something I am putting effort into now.  I am also currently reading Andy Hunt’s Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware which looks very interesting.

3.) Relaxing with the wife, and trying to get back in shape (same as last time).  Hopefully joining up with the new year’s company weight loss competition will give me that extra bit of motivation.

4.) No big fishes at the moment, just lots of little ones.  And damn are they fast.  Along with Zac’s and my side project I have mainly been pushing myself to write more code.  Any code.  And get feedback on it.  I would love to take up one of my past personally projects and see it through to fruition but for now I am content if I can get some constructive feedback on whatever I am doing.

5.) JSON and my first impressions of trying to write a real app in a functional programming language.  Along with the “want to know more about ___” items I wrote down I want to get into the habit of posting on each topic on aprox 1 week intervals, putting down whatever I have learned as best I can.

Hopefully this post will convince Jeff to post another response ;-)  He is always up to something interesting.

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  1. solrize said, on 02.15.10 at 9:12 pm

    1. Various small programs in Haskell
    2. Haskell, mathematical logic
    3. Try to get outside more ;-)
    4. Haskell security tools with core parts formally verified in Coq
    5. Occasional comments maybe. I don’t have my own blog.

  2. Beck said, on 04.03.10 at 7:42 pm

    What traditions have been passed down in your family?

  3. Donya Vayda said, on 07.24.20 at 5:46 am

    It’s like you read my thoughts! Great post! This information is magnificent. That is the work of a creative brain.

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