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NaNoBloMo Recap Part Deux

Posted in challenge by benjaminplee on 11.30.10

Sum up the last month of blogging in 120 characters or less (gotta leave space for a URL on the end)?

15 posts in 30 days; one neglected prego wife.  Finishing what your start; priceless.

Best skill you developed by writing 15 blog posts in 30 day?

How to think of, research, and write a blog post without waking up the wife.

Really, I started thinking more about how I can contribute back to open source projects I use every day.  I have to credit the QUnit team for accepting my changes and providing great support and feedback.  Also, contributing to a project that has real users other than myself has made me consider how other developers look at my code and what they need help with.

** Adding funny pics to my posts **

Favorite post of the last 30 days?

Single post? Popping a Register from a Stack: QuickPiet Macros  Ever since the April Lambda Lounge meeting I keep coming back to Piet and love trying to hack higher level features into a stack based language.  It took a lot of failed attempts to figure out how to implement registers but it was a lot of fun.

Series?  QUnit w/ Rhino posts.  At every step of the way I thought “Oh this should be simple and clever” and winded up being “God that took longer than I thought, but at least it was clever”.  Given the traffic over the past couple weeks, it looks like there is a decent amount of interest in running QUnit w/ Rhino … hopefully these have been helpful.  I want to finish QUnit-CLI with some good examples and working on NodeJS.

Idea? Nate’s Clojure posts.  I have not had time to delve into Clojure like I would like but need to give credit to Nate.  I didn’t understand a lot of his posts but they were always interesting.  And beat me hands down in traffic.

Im in ur blogs writin ur posts

Would you do this again next year?

Not sure.  I want to keep posting and working on getting my ideas out and helping others but it is really hard to commit to an every-other day post regiment.  I think a much better frequency would be 1 every week or so.

Which posts did you half-ass?

Pro Tips: IE Caching Can ByteNotes to self: Keep SVN in sync w/ Git The Poor Man’s Way, and Programming Anti-Patterns: Releasing Cthulhu.  Honestly, these were cop-out posts.  I know I will go back at reference them at some point, but I am not sure anyone else will.  See the previous question.

** Oh, and this post; kinda **

Any last words before spending the coming months trying to forget that you ever did this?

Peace Out!






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