Two Guys Arguing

(first clojure-conj) reference materials

My writeup can be found here.
Below is information that people mentioned, referenced and talked about during the conference:

[1]Process and Reality – Alfred North Whitehead
[2]Callbacks in C++ Using Template Functors – R. Hickey
[3]The Zipper – G. Huet
[4]Rich’s Clojure list on amazon
[12]How to solve it – Polya</td
[13]Brian Marick’s reading list Tweet #1
Tweet #2
[14]Deploying Clojure Websites
[15]“Studies in Words” – C.S. Lewis
[16]Clojure and Big Data Badjer
[17]The Karmic Social Capital Benchmark
[19]Slides from Christophe Grand’s (not= DSL macros) talk

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